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Smart hand and foot trainer

Smart hand and foot trainer is an active and passive hand and foot synchronized training device. The user's arms and legs can be trained clockwise or counterclockwise at the same time, and the hands, feet, neck, shoulders, and other related muscles and balance can be exercised through circular movements. It can also exercise cardiopulmonary activity, promote blood circulation throughout the body, and reduce neck and shoulder diseases. The operation layout of the smart hand and foot trainer is simple and easy to use. There are fifteen rotation speeds (9RPM-22RPM) and resistance options. The training time and rotation speed can be set according to the patient's treatment situation. After the training is completed, the calories consumed by the patient can be displayed. The simple design is suitable for different people. The height of the fuselage, the length of the handle, and the length of the foot handle can be adjusted as required. The bicycle pedal can also fix the patient's ankle, protect and reduce the burden on the joints. In addition, there is a flat steel plate with a stable base, which is convenient for wheelchair users without changing positions.
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