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服藥鈴 (MedRemind)
The elderly population needs to take a variety of drugs due to physical condition. Often, due to multitude of medications prescribed and poor memory, the medication compliance deteriorates (in other words, the patient fails to take the drugs regularly as directed by the doctor), which affects the control of the disease. The "MedRemind" mobile application is developed by the Hong Kong Pharmaceutical Care Foundation. After reviewing and sorting patient’s existing medications, the pharmacist can enter the medication regimens into the app. Medication administration times can be set according to the characteristics of the medication and the patient’s living habits. The app will prompt the patient to take the medicine regularly. When the patient takes the medicine, he needs to confirm that he has taken the medicine in the app. If the patient does not respond on time or refuses to take it, the data will be sent back to the server in real time, and the pharmacist can check the relevant case in the backend and follow up if necessary.
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