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HandyRehab Home Edition

HandyRehab (Home Edition) is a portable and light smart robotic glove system that assists hand rehabilitation for stroke patients. HandyRehab (Home Edition) has a light and compact design which is suitable for stroke patients to perform routine training at home. Rehabilitation training can be performed without leaving the house given the COVID-19 pandemic. It provides passive training mode, in which patients can practice 3 hand movements that are commonly used in daily tasks such as holding on a glass of water. Patients can also choose among three ranges of motion according to their hand movement ability. Not only relying on the rehabilitation training provided by therapists at hospitals and clinics, patients can perform rehabilitation training more frequently with the help of their family members at home. With the device, patients can make better use of their "golden recovery period" to yield better rehabilitation results. HandyRehab (Home Edition) is easy to use. The movement of the robotic glove can be controlled by a remote control without the use of other devices such as computers or training stations. The devices are wireless connected via Bluetooth. HandyRehab (Home Edition) makes rehabilitation training easier than ever.
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