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The inmuRELAX is a unique sensory stimulation tool The inmu is the world's first multi-sensory stimulation tool that uses interactive music. Interactive music is music that can be controlled by the user. Inside the round sound cushion there is and advanced sensor system and artificial intelligence (AI) software, which reacts actively to touch and movement. It combines music, tactile elements, and movement in a soft interactive cushion that stimulates multiple senses. With the inmu we wanted to create a high-quality tool that gives peace of mind through its beautiful design and sophisticated sensor technology. An ideal tool for sensory stimulation and music therapy. The name inmu stands for ‘interactive music’. The shape and soft fabric create comfort while holding it. Gentle tones and pleasant vibrations have a relaxing and soothing effect on the body providing a feeling of closeness and safety. It has a pocket that makes it easy to hold on to – even for disabled people. There are no buttons, just touch it and it starts to play and interact with you. SUITABLE FOR:
People with unrest, dementia, and stress. It reduces arousal, gives comfort, and reduces sleeping problems. It is also suitable as an activating tool.
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