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PURA Dynamic Arm Support (for wheelchair user)

The Armon Pura is a dynamic arm support, especially designed for those who only have limited strength in their arms and hands, or for those that can only use their muscular strength for a limited time. This can be the result of a spinal cord injury, RSI /CANS, cerebral infarction, or one of the many muscular diseases. It can be mounted on wheelchair or work chair. The Armon compensates the full weight of the arm by a spring compensation system. The user decides how much support he/she wants when using the Armon Pura. The degree of compensation is simple, fast and steplessly adjustable. The Armon Pura follows the natural movement of the user, this allows the arm to move easily in all directions. The arm support distinguishes itself from similar products because, unlike many other product, the user keeps the control. The user makes the movement and not the device. The Armon Edero is suitable for the following situations/diseases: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Rheumatism After breast surgery After a stroke Spinal cord injury General back and shoulder pain
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