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Walkerview with Smart Gravity Real Time Biofeedback Gait Training and Analysis System

Walker View is born from TecnoBody research and allows you to fully analyze the strengths and weaknesses in the athletic gesture or simply in walking. Not just a simple treadmill, but a laboratory of walking and running analysis concentrated in a single innovative product capable of returning a postural analysis report of Run Analysis and Gait Analysis. The immediate and objective feedback allows to improve the posture in the race, the support of the foot, to correct the relative problems of movement of the arms, together with all the aspects related to the moving posture, the load of the lower limbs and much more. Smart Gravity is the dynamic support system that comes from TecnoBody research at the service of physiotherapy and rehabilitation on the walk. With all the technology of Walker View by TecnoBody and the weight reduction system, thanks to Smart Gravity you can halve post-operative recovery times for your patient and evaluate with constant feedback the changes, all in maximum safety. Thanks to Smart Gravity, in fact, it is possible to lighten up to 40% the load of the patient during walking and to make it work as if it were in water, with all the benefits of a rehabilitation in the tank. Choose the best for rehabilitation of the step and the rehabilitation of your patients. Adopt Smart Gravity for your rehab center.
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