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MedicusTek Sensable Care System

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MedicusTek is a solution for both fall prevention and pressure ulcer prevention. The technology is based on a multi-point smart sensor in the form of a bed sheet on top of a normal mattress or supplied as a hospital mattress with embedded sensors. Body presure on sensors create a pressure "heat map" with read out of number of hours for each point. Tracking body positions, pressure and duration makes life easier for caregiver and patient wellbeing. Reminders can be set in smart devices to alert caregiver to attend to reposition a patient. It is the only system that approaches ideal case of real FALL PREVENTION instead of commonly found systems as fall alert i.e. after a patient had fallen off bed. Based on tracked behavior caregiver smart device can be set to level of alertness thus predicting if someone is about to leave bed or just sitting up or shifting sitting positions. Combats alarm fatigue coming from most pressure sensor systems. 99% of hospital alarms are false or clinically insignificant.
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