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Steadi-Two | All-in-one Assistive Glove for Essential Hand Tremor Relief

• The Steadi-Two is a device that uses two magnets to control a disk that moves in the opposite direction of your tremor. • The technology is based on seismic design & works similarly to a see-saw in a park. The disk, which is controlled by magnets, responds to your tremor by providing an equal & opposite force, lowering its magnitude. • Weights, non-Newtonian fluid dampers, conventional tuned mass dampers, & powered actuators have all been tested & assessed by the development team. Magnetic stabilizers outperformed everything else in terms of ease of use, dependability, & efficiency. They’re good enough for earthquake-proofing structures, therefore they’re good enough for us! • Ambidextrous - Can be used interchangeably, on both the left and right hand with no adjustments needed • Significant Tremor Reduction - 80% reduction of tremor amplitude in benchtop test • Lightweight - Weighs under 1lb • Battery-Free - No limits of daily usage • Non-Intrusive - Designed to provide relief in tremors without the side effects from medication, or the risks associated with surgery & powered devices • Machine Washable - When detached from the stabilizer, the glove can be thrown into the washing machine
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