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Automatic Retinal Image Analysis for Cognitive Health (ARIA-eWMH)

ARIA-eWMH for cognitive health provides real-time probability of severe age-related white matter hyperintensities (ARWMH) in the brain before symptoms occurs. ARIA-eWMH was developed using cerebral magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as gold standard and achieved more than 90% sensitivity and specificity. ARIA automatically analyzes in the cloud server the retinal blood vessels to infer vital information regarding vascular-related health with great confidence in a non-invasive, fast, and convenient way with a very reasonable cost. The technology has obtained USA, China and Taiwan region patents and aims to make contribution to health promotion and disease prevention, and consequentially reduce healthcare expenditure to community. ARIA-eWMH is suitable for health-conscious individuals aged 40 or over with no symptoms of dementia or dementia diagnosis. There are currently 7 service partners providing ARIA-eWMH in Hong Kong, with more service points available in early 2020. Our current and potential service partners include corporate groups, facilities with evidence-based health promotion programs, health check centers, optometric shops, NGO, and health nutrition and food companies with evidence-based supplement products.
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