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Temi Medic - Healthcare Assistant Robot

HandyRehab joins forces with Tung Hing Automation in 2020 to introduce Temi Medic, as a solution to the recent surge of demand for improvements within the caregiving tech space. The multifunctional robot can make more effective use of manpower and reduce workload of the frontline staff, and improve visitors' experience. With the autonomous navigation function, Temi Medic serves as a healthcare assistant robot in the medical space, such as hospitals, clinics and nursing homes etc. Under the COVID-19 pandemic, Temi Medic connects patients in nursing homes and hospitals with their family and friends by carrying out virtual visits through video conferencing. Also, in order to lower the disease transmission rate, Temi Medic can serve as an autonomous mobile reception and provide assistance to visitors. Apart from infection control, Temi Medic can also provide patients with user-friendly access to multimedia entertainment, enhancing the quality of life of the residents in medical space. With the voice control function, non-tech savvy users can easily interact with Temi Medic. Temi Medic can be upgraded with extra software or add-on devices tailor-made for your organisation needs. Third party Android apps are also supported.
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